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Keiichi Tanaami. I think this is an original drawing for his short animation “Sweet Friday" (1975). Found at Carte Blanche.


Keiichi Tanaami. I think this is an original drawing for his short animation “Sweet Friday" (1975). Found at Carte Blanche.

Los Angeles: Wonder City of the West

A tour of 1935 Los Angeles, featuring a very sleepy chihuahua.


bombing yarn bombing - 2012 - a collaborative piece by multiple drunk ppl who hate yarn bombing

I am so into this, in spite of my deep fear of drunk people catching their clothes/selves on fire.


Best investment you’ll ever make probably not though.


Best investment you’ll ever make probably not though.

And what are our plans for today? What about a little sock-darning contest on deck in the sunshine? I’ve looked in your sea-chests, you know. Or a nice history quiz?


Every time I ride the bus I make a drawing. I try to hold my hand very still, but it doesn’t work because the bus is a very jostly mode of trasportation. So I end up with a new and unique nest of scribbles every day. It’s a nonsensical seismographic record of my daily commute.

This zine has a sampling of the drawings alongside the two conversations I’ve ever had with my fellow passengers about what I’m doing. You can hear me reading part of the zine here.

Watch the animation I made with these drawings here.

Buy the zine here.


Three years ago on this date, Emily Alden Foster and I got married at the Oakland Zoo in front of our friends and families. To commemorate the day and in lieu of a program, we asked our friends to contribute comics and drawings to a special wedding-day zine, to be given to attendees in lieu of a program. These are those comics, on the internet for the very first time! We love you all and are forever grateful that you took time out of your life to be part of our special day.

Credits, in order:

  1. Brigitte Poniewaz
  2. Emily Alden Foster
  3. Susie Cagle
  4. Gregg Lewis
  5. James Harvey
  6. Jennie Yim
  7. Alex Schubert
  8. Julia Sonmi Heglund
  9. Robert Dynamite
  10. Ashley Lande

There was some other stuff in the zine, including a collage of stills from our favorite Time-Life infomercial, but Tumblr only allows ten images per post.



Onomastics is the study of names.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many names for hot dogs and so few for french fries? This is the zine for you!

Have you ever met someone who seems to have invented an entire vocabulary of slang that only they can understand?
This is a zine made by one of those people!

Are you fascinated by how things are named, and why one name sticks while others don’t?
This is the zine for you!

This zine does not include any scholarly information about the field of onomastics, but it does include lists of silly names/nicknames for hot dogs, french fries, types of dogs and bees, a baby girl, and both of my cats. At the end there are vocabulary quizzes where you have to guess the meanings of words that my friend Gregg and I use all the time, like “mushmouth” “pigfruit” and “bunny ones.”

Buy it here


Play is the work of young children: conversations with Miss Leonore Wilson on the teaching of fives (excerpt) |  [Karen] Crommie & [David] Crommie (1974)

Three weeks after filming, these Nueva Day School kindergarteners were knocked out in the first round of Battle of the Bands, under 6 division, by visiting Heslington Primary School. NDS drummer Bob once again refused to perform halfway through the song, sealing their downfall. Heslington eventually reached the finals of the competition where they faced a small ensemble of German upstarts studying under the tutelage of Gertrud Meyer-Denkmann. And you know what they say about Battle of the Bands: 22 bands make noises for 90 minutes and at the end,  the Germans always win.